Entrepreneur of the week; Ivan Lwanyaga

Kamusenene Investments Ltd was started in May 2009 by Ivan Lwanyaga and other young people in Kamusenene village, Kibaale District, as a construction company. However, the company made a loss of 6.3m in construction works at Rwensasi and Nkooko livestock markets due to under quoting the materials and over-estimating the number of livestock in the market per market day. This caused the company to re-evaluate: “After all this, we sat down and thought of next steps and after making a business survey, we realized that buying and selling of maize, beans, rice, groundnuts and cassava was more reliable and sustainable.” The company began trading maize with an initial inventory of 5100kg. This maize was sold at Ush 920 per kilogram. “We opened up a store in our village Kamusenene, and later Kakumiro Town Council, Mpasana and Igayaza.” By December 2012, the maize inventory had increased to 29000kg.

Ivan Lwanyaga is holds a bachelors degree in development studies of MUK, PGD in HRM UMI, Certificate in laws of LDC and several certifticates in community mobilisation, child right protection of MUK

Ivan Lwanyaga

However, the company was facing some challenges, such as working capital, means of transport, business networks and professional management skills. This is where the Mara Foundation mentorship programme was able to assist. At our third cycle matching event in October 2012, Ivan met Ted Pantone of Mango Fund. Thanks to this meeting, the business was able to secure an investment of Ush 20 million to help it grow and meet its challenges.

Ivan’s vision for the business is to build and maintain Kamusenene Investments Ltd into a professionally managed, profitable, self sustaining and socially responsible enterprise providing leading, globally recognized Engineering, Logistics and Agroprocessed products at one simplified source point.

November Entrepreneur Bar

 How to monetize your application

Many Techpreneurs in Uganda have challenges when it comes to making money from apps (products). This Friday 2nd November 2012 starting from 5:30PM at Mara Launchpad during our monthly Entrepreneur Bar, The Thin Void team developers of WinSenga will lead a discussion on reliable Payment methods for developers in Uganda.

Mara Launchpad Entrepreneur Bar

This discussion will help you as a developer grow your product (App) revenue as you network and learn from fellow developers. Watch the video below about Thin Void’s Winsenga product.