Affordable Office Space!!

Are you freshly out of school and are seated on a great business idea? Have you been formally employed for the past couple of years and want to break out on your own? Do you lack the proper resources or opportunity to do so?
A great number of us today fall into either one of these categories. We either lack the resources or simply are afraid to start out on our own because of the risks involved, or both!

Others yet, dared to start their own businesses but are struggling to survive because some of the basic principals were over-looked at the infant stages of the business formation.
The Mara Foundation exists to assist and support potential and existing entrepreneurs.
It does this in various ways, one of which is the Mara Launchpad.

As the base for growing business, the Mara Launchpad provides different packages of affordable work space. The packages are entirely dependent on the needs of the entrepreneur. These are the Main Space, Innovation Center and the Private units.

Office Space

The facilities come with a couple of bonuses like a Boardroom where meetings can be held, a receptionist and Wi-Fi internet! All these help you transform a business previously run and operated from your bedroom, to a more professional and competitive business!

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As the base for growing business, the Mara Launchpad not only provides shared office space and an environment filled with entrepreneurs buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm, but as part of the Mara Foundation, the Mara Launchpad is absolutely dedicated to the growth of the entrepreneurial community!

Entrepreneurs are given the incredible opportunity to interact with each other, through the different formal and informal events regularly held. The entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur experiences shared help them learn from each other and ultimately, grow together, beyond their expectations!

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We take a keen interest in each of the businesses housed at the Launchpad and look for ways to add value to the entrepreneurs by attaching them to a mentor to provide the necessary guidance, where need be. We also hold different training programs that will broaden the thinking of the entrepreneur as to what skills and tools he/she will need to get that business idea into reality and make it successful!


To rent space or for more information on some of our programs, please come visit us, on the 3rd floor of Ham Towers, Makerere Hill Road.

We look forward to helping you get your business from where it is to where you want it to be, and beyond!!