Entrepreneur of the week; Joseph Rwabose

Joseph Rwabose is the CEO and founder of Pifothutin Branding, a company that deals in branding and printing of T-shirts.

Joseph Rwabose, CEO and founder of Pifothutin Branding

Joseph Rwabose, CEO and founder Pifothutin Branding

After a printing job went well in 2008, Joseph decided to use the money earned from that to professionalize his business by registering and opening a bank account. In January 2009, with only his personal savings and the earnings from the print job the previous year, he managed to register the company, open a company bank account, print out a couple of business cards and pay up 5 months rent!! He has not looked back since then!

He joined the Mara Entrepreneur Mentorship program in 2010 for a number of reasons. Some of these were because he needed a mentor to analytically go through his business plan/concepts and point out what may or may not be working. He also wanted to obtain strategic business contacts and meet and learn business growth skills from a seasoned entrepreneur.

This seasoned entrepreneur turned out to be the Managing Director of Select Garments, Mr. Robert Ahimbisibwe, who was his Mentor and taught him how to pragmatically separate company finances from personal finances; Pifothutin Branding’s revenues increased by 20% as a result. Joseph’s improved skills enabled the company to grow financially and employ two more staff members.

Some of Pifothutin Branding Ltd  products

Some of Pifothutin Branding Ltd products

“I joined the mentorship program because I wanted to learn how to raise capital without procuring a bank loan,” says Joseph. “Robert greatly helped point me in the direction in this regard.” He adds.

Mr. Ahimbisibwe also taught Joseph how to approach the relevant stakeholders in the industry like Cotton Development Organization, Uganda Export Promotion Board among others, for information and support. These contacts put Pifothutin Branding in touch with a wider client base thereby doubling their annual revenue.

Today, Pifothutin Branding is on the fast track to having a turnover of Shs100million by 31st December 2013. They also plan on moving into a bigger production house and employing five more employees by the end of the year.