Entrepreneur of the Week: Bernard Lungs

Bernard Lungs is the brains behind Charcolite Firestarter Limited, the company that was recently announced as the Mara Launch Fund’s first investment.  The company produces clean and effective fire starters as a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the newspapers or polythene paper commonly used in Ugandan households to start fire in charcoal briquettes. Not only can it be used as a fire starter, but it can also be used for lighting!

As a graduate from our mentorship program, Bernard is indebted to Mr. Arinaitwe Rugyendo, the founder and Chief Marketing Director of Red Pepper Publications and Mr. Kirowi Suma, the Managing Director of Rwenzori Bottling Company, who were his mentors and helped sharpen his business acumen.

He started his business in 2010 with an interesting idea to turn the naturally occurring sugar in grass into ethanol.  Although this idea did not go far, it gave rise to the ingenious idea to create a fire starter that is both clean and environmentally friendly from papyrus grass!

A very ambitious entrepreneur, Bernard also has plans of expanding to produce clean and effective cooking briquettes as well.

Currently pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, his second degree, it is safe to say only greater things lie in wait for this innovative entrepreneur, watch this space!

3 thoughts on “Entrepreneur of the Week: Bernard Lungs

  1. Kudos Bernard! I must say admire your ambition and wish you all the best. Many people I know naturally shun low-end/practical business ventures and opt for “white-collar” innovations/services but you my friend. have gotten your hands dirty and surely it’s paying off. Onwards onwards… Cheerz

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