Entrepreneur of the week; Elijah “Bee” Beesigomwe


Elijah “Bee” Beesigomwe joined our mentoring Programme in its second cycle and has been a part of the Mara Entrepreneur community ever since. He has been actively inspiring others through his story of taking the risk to quit formal employment for the difficult but rewarding task of running a business.  A Code junkie, Elijah has managed to build 3 successful web platforms that have undeniable relevance to Uganda. He lauds his mentor Mr. Raj Thakrar for the great support to his business.

“My mentor has provided valuable guidance and support and tips for enhancing our product. We were able to soft launch our service, with the help of our mentor who also became our first client.”

Successful Projects

DillEva is the convenient online shopping mall where you can shop without needing to go from store to store. You can compare prices from anywhere! When you make a purchase your order will be handled by a dedicated team that will ensure you are given world class service and come back for more!DillEva helps you improve your quality of life by making it easier for you to find quality products from the stores you love at your convenience. We help you maintain your way of life by saving you the burden and time spent shopping so that you can have more time to do the things you love. You shop online and we’ll DillEva!!

Somesha is a web and mobile application that will give disadvantaged students a chance at Education through crowd funding using Mobile and electronic micro payments. Following our launch at Garage48 in Kampala, we’re preparing to go live and change the world. Thank you for your support everyone!

Sonda is a crowd fundraising platform on the web and mobile aimed at easing the whole process involved in soliciting for and collecting funds.