Universal Access and Human Rights

One million Ugandans are affceted with HIV/AIDS and many still do not have acces to the necessary treatment they need to live a long a full life. People living with HIV/AIDS still do not have equal employment opportunities and stigma is still high. This years theme for World AIDS day calls for Universal access to treatment and advocation of human rights for all those living with HIV/AIDS. It is a reminder that the scorge is not yet over and the laxity in sexual behaviour should stop. We need to step up our campaigns against HIV infection and get off the sexaul network which is becoming the leading cause of HIV spread in the country.

The government should focus on increasing the reach of diagnosis and treatments facilities to people especially in rural areas. And also offer counselling facilities to those infected with emphasis on the available treatments and positive living.

Schools should also seize every opportunity to educate the youth about AIDS prevention and also offer Voluntary testing  and counselling to students.

On this day we remember one of Uganda’s fallen heroes who came out at a difficult time and changed our whole perception about people living with HIV/AIDS. Mr Phiily Bongole Lutaaya. He made it possible for people living with HIV AIDS to speak out about the reality of HIV/AIDS.

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